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01. Spooky Hoops - 9.99
02. Castle Destroyer - 9.99
03. Pepsi Handball - 9.16
04. Street Fighter - 9.00
05. Storm 2 - 8.88
06. Fishy! - 8.30
07. Interactive Buddy - 7.50
08. Sonic The Hedgehog - 6.80
09. Invasion 3 - 6.77
10. Defend Your Computer - 6.31
Most Popular
01. Bowman - 88207
02. Snake - 8747
03. Raiden X - 6533
04. Bubbles - 6307
05. Castle Destroyer - 6103
06. Duck Hunt - 5721
07. Sonic The Hedgehog - 5462
08. Freefall - 5346
09. Blob Farm - 5064
10. Street Fighter - 4902
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Free Flash Slot Machine Free Flash Slot Machine

This is 2 Times Wild game. More information about this game wi...
Free Slot Machine No Dowload Flash Game Free Slot Machine No Dowload Flash Game

The game is called Golden Eggs Slot Machine. More rules about th...
Free Flash Video Poker Slot Machine Free Flash Video Poker Slot Machine

The game is called jacks or better video poker.
Free Flash Caribbean Poker Online Free Flash Caribbean Poker Online

Rules will be added later
Free Roulette Flash Game Free Roulette Flash Game

Will be added soon
Free Blackjack No Download Flash Game Free Blackjack No Download Flash Game

Great Blackjack Flash Game is available on Pleu. Now you can t...
Insurgo Insurgo

Biuld a tower. Amazing game!
Nanaca Crash Nanaca Crash

Crash Nanaca as strong as You can
Frosty Freakout Frosty Freakout

Earn points building multiscoop ice-cream sundaes!
Bomb Jack Bomb Jack

Earn points by collecting items and avoiding being bombed.
Earth Rock Hunter Earth Rock Hunter

Earth has exploded and the priceless rocks are flying through sp...
Hungry Space Hungry Space

Eat aliens smaller than you but do not try eating bigger ones be...
Fishy! Fishy!

Eat fish that are smaller than you to make yourself grow but don...
Shark Rampage Shark Rampage

Eat up everything that comes in site chomp on scuba divers and f...
Slacking Slacking

Eat, drink and avoid work at all costs.
Sobics School 2 Sobics School 2

Eliminate all the groups of same colored tiles from an array in ...
Flash Tiles Flash Tiles

Eliminate all the pairs of tiles with similar pattern on them, f...
Alien Attack Alien Attack

Eliminate the alien ships, and avoid friendly fire!
SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants

Enter Sponge Bob's aquatic world and venture through doing ...
Baffotron Baffotron

Entertain yourself by punching, kicking and whacking someone ove...
Sonny Sonny

Escape from the dog catchers.
Under Construction Under Construction

Escape out of this construction zone.
Towel Fighters Towel Fighters

Ever towel fought a friend? Learn some new moves for next time h...
Present Panic Present Panic

Evil spirits have stolen all the Xmas presents. Catch them and s...
Scary Sleep Over Scary Sleep Over

It iss up to you to get the contestant out of the house before t...
The Dead Case The Dead Case

Explore a haunted town as a ghost and solve the mystery of your ...
Second Line the Game Second Line the Game

Explore a house as a fly.
The Second Line Game The Second Line Game

Explore every nook and corner of the house as a fly, and find th...
Nerd Quest Nerd Quest

Explore the dangerous caves, avoid deadly rats and find keys to ...
Glug Glug Glug Glug

Explore the dark and dangerous sea bed to recover vast chests of...
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